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Finding the Location


There are several things to consider with the location.

  1. You may be tempted to go out away from town and get land cheap and build there. If you do this you should consider that your labor and materials will cost the same but your final house value will probably be lower because of the remote location. Due to the lower value the bank may not be willing to finance as much as they would for the same house near town. You may not have access to city water, electricity, cable, gas, etc and you may need a well and septic system.
  2. You may want to find a part of town where there are some old houses and the price of a lot is about the same as the price of a house so all the value is in the land. This was the option we selected.
  3. You may decide to do major renovations to an existing house and make it what you want it to be. This is a good option if houses in the area are expensive.
  4. We selected Nashville Tennessee as a location for our house because the economy is strong in the area, the crime rate is low, the traffic is not bad, and the weather is mild.