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Tile Roof

Building the Tile Roof

The tile roof guys, Above All Roofing, were amazing. First they applied an underlayment that was like tar paper that stuck to the roof like tape.  At that point there was almost no more water in the house when it rained. They marked rows on top of the underlayment so when the tiles arrived they hauled tons of tile up on the roof and secured the tiles to the marked pattern. It looked incredible. They did fail to put in a couple of exhaust fans openings that are necessary to pass codes but they came back and fixed that as needed. While they were using a very large fork lift to pallets of tile to the roof the ground under the forklift collapsed causing some of the tile to crash down into the yard and break. Luckily nobody was hurt, but there are some weird dangerous things that can happen on a construction site. We found that the earth collapsed because there was an old unused concrete septic tank on the lot. The General Contractor then had somebody with a bobcat come and fill in the hole.